In an Environmentally Conscious Society, Wicker Furniture is Catching On

Wicker furniture is just so summer. But don’t for a minute think this old-time favourite is limited to the front porch, or to only one season.
Whitewashed, summery wicker has matured and, if you haven’t shopped for furniture recently, you’ll be surprised to see some very sophisticated designs and elegant new colours that make it perfect [...]

Fix Up Wood Furniture

Doing home maintenance jobs can help prevent expensive repairs. Here are some tasks:
A broken bar: Be sure to apply silicone and wax to wood furniture to prevent the joints from drying out.
A broken bar: Check for any interior water damage to window sills. If there is damage, refinish the woodwork and call a professional to [...]

Straight and Solid Wood Furniture an Investment

Straight lines and simple designs. That’s the popular look in wood furniture this year, and 21th Century Furniture is the place to shop for wood furniture.
“The `Mission Style’ is in this year. It’s been around for a long time. This year it just seems to have caught on. It features straight, simple lines. It’s solid [...]

Furniture Manufacturer

It is important to take all the necessary time to look through some of the different furniture manufacturers out there, so you can get a clear idea of what you want in your home. Since there are so many different styles of furniture, you will want to think about what would look best inside your [...]

The Beauty of Teak Wood Furniture

Antique Furniture Carving Process

Sanding : A Part Of Furniture Manufacturing Process


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